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    Meditating with Pebbles Audio – Free


    Practice meditation with pebbles

    Zip file with the following contents:
    – MP3 – Introduction to Meditating with Pebbles
    – MP3 – Sample Meditation
    – Photos


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    Relax Focus Succeed – Revised Edition


    The premise of this book is simple but powerful: The fundamental keys to success are focus, hard work, and balance. Too often, the advice we receive gives plenty of attention to focus and hard work, but very little to balance.

    This great little book will help you believe that you need balance, show you the power of focus, and help you move forward with the new you — a happier, healthier, better balanced, and more successful you.

  • Successes That Happened Without Any Effort

    Successes that Happened without any Effort


    A great gag gift for family members, business associates, and anyone who thinks that “success” comes easy. This is a gag gift filled with completely BLANK pages. A great book to keep on your coffee table for guests. Excellent conversation starter. Assuming your friends have a sense of humor, this makes a great gift.


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    I Am Fearless


    Life coach and wellness educator Debbie Leoni presents twelve elements to empower your courageous self and fulfill your ability to live fearlessly in the life of your dreams. By putting the spotlight on embracing the statement, “I am Fearless”, you are able to experience greater fulfillment and give more to the world. Each of the twelve elements are written to guide you into the experience of your most courageous self.

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    Fully Expressed Living


    Life coach and columnist Jenifer Novak Landers presents fifty ways to reach your full potential by putting the spotlight on your fullest expression. You, fully expressed! From that perspective, you have room to love yourself more, express yourself more, reach more of your potential, and give more of yourself to the world.
    Each chapter was written to guide you into an experience of fulfillment. Enjoy the journey as you see things differently one chapter at a time.