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  • csiam

    Cloud Services in a Month


    Cloud Services in a Month is a step-by-step, no-nonsense guide to building an extremely profitable cloud service business for the SMB (small and medium business) market. Filled with practical advice based on the author’s experience over more than a decade, this guide is the playbook you will use for success in the Cloud.

  • Cloudchecklist 2t

    Karl’s Cloud Readiness Checklist – v3.0 – Free


    Karl’s Cloud Readiness Checklist was designed for technology consultants to use when evaluating whether their clients are ready for cloud services. It’s also a great starting place for designing cloud service offerings that are just right for your clients.


  • Managed Services in a Month by Karl W. Palachuk

    Managed Services in a Month – 3rd Edition


    The ultimate do-it-now guide to getting started in Managed Services. Now includes chapters on Cloud Services, bundling, and more.

    Whether you’re a NEW Computer Consultant or an experienced technician making the move to managed services, this is the perfect book for you!

    Includes step-by-step instructions and all the forms you need.

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    Managed Services + Cloud Services + Service Agreements – Triple Play


    Includes three of Karl Palachuk’s most popular books for small IT companies.
    – Managed Services in a Month
    – Cloud Services in a Month
    – Service Agreements for SMB Consultants

    Retail value $119.85

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    Small Biz Quickstart Workbook


    New Release!

    Karl has worked with thousands of business owners and managers – and helped several of them make the move to self-employment. With this workbook, Karl will help you make the launch as well. This workbook is guaranteed to help you learn about what it takes to start and run your new business.

  • Project Mgmt Mockup

    Project Management


    This great little book provides a simple process project planning and management process that is easy to learn and easy to teach to your employees, fellow technicians, and sub-contractors.

    You’ll learn to track any project, explain all the stages to clients and employees, and verify that everything is completed on time and under budget. The authors show you a great technique for making sure that scope creep is a thing of the past!

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    The Most Important Managed Service Books


    Includes Paperback or Ebook version of these Books:
    – Service Agreements for SMB Consultants – Revised Edition by Karl W. Palachuk
    – Managed Services In A Month 3rd ed. by Karl W. Palachuk
    – The Managed Services Operations Manual – 4 volume set – by Karl W. Palachuk
    – Relax Focus Succeed by Karl W. Palachuk
    – Project Management in Small Business by Dana Goulston and Karl W. Palachuk

    Bundle value if sold separately: $400.70

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    Managed Services 2-fer Starter Set


    Karl’s hottest Managed Services books:

    – Managed Services in a Month 3rd ed.

    – Service Agreements for SMB Consultants – Revised Edition.

  • Bunkpe4

    Managed Services Super Bundle


    Ebook versions of Karl’s most popular books – including the New Cloud Services in a Month

    – The Network Documentation Workbook
    – Service Agreements for SMB Consultants – A Quick-Start Guide to Managed Services
    – Project Management in Small Business
    – Managed Services in a Month
    – Cloud Services in a Month
    – Relax Focus Succeed

    All in PDF format. Download immediately.

  • Sale! Es 4 Book Bundle

    The “Erick Simpson 4-Book Bundle”


    Erick Simpson’s 4 Book Bundle:

    1. The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice
    2. The Best IT Sales and Marketing BOOK EVER
    3. The Best IT Service Delivery BOOK EVER
    4. The Best NOC BOOK EVER

    Format: eBook (PDF)

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    The Best I.T. Sales and Marketing BOOK EVER!


    The Best I.T. Sales and Marketing BOOK EVER! focuses on rapidly growing your MSP practice through effective sales and marketing techniques.

    Format: eBook (PDF)

  • Sale! Pala27 2

    The Network Migration Workbook – 2nd ed.


    Let’s be honest, anyone can perform a network migration WITH downtime. You simply kick everyone off the system, put the client out of business for some period of time, and push through until you’re done.

    Without downtime is another story. Without downtime . . .

    You can do network migrations during the workweek
    The client doesn’t have to ever send people home because of you
    You can work when 3rd party support is available
    You don’t have to pay overtime
    and neither does the client
    You look like a hero!

  • Sale! Bab03 Combo

    Amy Babinchak’s Event + Networking Whitepaper Combo


    Combo: How to Hold a Hugely Successful Event + How To Build A Valuable Local LinkedIn Network

    29 actionable pages to get your online and in-person marketing to work for you.

  • Bab01 2t

    How to Hold a Hugely Successful Event – Babinchak


    Based on a strategy Amy used to double the size of her mature managed service business in just eighteen months. This white paper covers all the detail of creating an event, marketing, training employees to make presentations, and more. Amy gives you all the details for every aspect of creating and executing live events as a way to nurture new clients.

    18 pages, delivered as a PDF document.