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  • Yoga

    PALACHUK – Quick Start Guided Meditation – Free!


    Free audio download. Audio: Guided meditation.

  • Pala45 2t

    Meditating with Pebbles Audio – Free


    Practice meditation with pebbles

    Zip file with the following contents:
    – MP3 – Introduction to Meditating with Pebbles
    – MP3 – Sample Meditation
    – Photos


  • Sale! Msmost2017 2t

    The Most Important Managed Service Books


    Includes Paperback or Ebook version of these Books:
    – Service Agreements for SMB Consultants – Revised Edition by Karl W. Palachuk
    – Managed Services In A Month 3rd ed. by Karl W. Palachuk
    – The Managed Services Operations Manual – 4 volume set – by Karl W. Palachuk
    – Relax Focus Succeed by Karl W. Palachuk
    – Project Management in Small Business by Dana Goulston and Karl W. Palachuk

    Bundle value if sold separately: $400.70

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    Relax Focus Succeed – Revised Edition


    The premise of this book is simple but powerful: The fundamental keys to success are focus, hard work, and balance. Too often, the advice we receive gives plenty of attention to focus and hard work, but very little to balance.

    This great little book will help you believe that you need balance, show you the power of focus, and help you move forward with the new you — a happier, healthier, better balanced, and more successful you.

  • Bunkpe4

    Managed Services Super Bundle


    Ebook versions of Karl’s most popular books – including the New Cloud Services in a Month

    – The Network Documentation Workbook
    – Service Agreements for SMB Consultants – A Quick-Start Guide to Managed Services
    – Project Management in Small Business
    – Managed Services in a Month
    – Cloud Services in a Month
    – Relax Focus Succeed

    All in PDF format. Download immediately.