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  • The IT Consultant's Year of Intention book cover

    The IT Consultant’s Year of Intention


    The IT Consultant’s Year of Intention – A Workbook Dedicated to Your Success by Karl W. Palachuk.

    Launched October 2023.

    This workbook is designed specifically to help IT Consultants to plan – and evaluate – the year ahead. Unlike a basic business book, this workbook focuses on the activities of a successful IT Service Provider.

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    The Most Important Managed Service Books


    Includes Paperback or Ebook version of these Books:
    – Service Agreements for SMB Consultants – Revised Edition by Karl W. Palachuk
    – Managed Services In A Month 3rd ed. by Karl W. Palachuk
    – The Managed Services Operations Manual – 4 volume set – by Karl W. Palachuk
    – Relax Focus Succeed by Karl W. Palachuk
    – Project Management in Small Business by Dana Goulston and Karl W. Palachuk

    Bundle value if sold separately: $400.70

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    Managed Services 2-fer Starter Set


    Karl’s hottest Managed Services books:

    – Managed Services in a Month 3rd ed.

    – Service Agreements for SMB Consultants – Revised Edition.

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    Relax Focus Succeed – Revised Edition


    The premise of this book is simple but powerful: The fundamental keys to success are focus, hard work, and balance. Too often, the advice we receive gives plenty of attention to focus and hard work, but very little to balance.

    This great little book will help you believe that you need balance, show you the power of focus, and help you move forward with the new you — a happier, healthier, better balanced, and more successful you.

  • Bunkpe4

    Managed Services Super Bundle


    Ebook versions of Karl’s most popular books – including the New Cloud Services in a Month

    – The Network Documentation Workbook
    – Service Agreements for SMB Consultants – A Quick-Start Guide to Managed Services
    – Project Management in Small Business
    – Managed Services in a Month
    – Cloud Services in a Month
    – Relax Focus Succeed

    All in PDF format. Download immediately.

  • Sale! Ms Ops V3

    Managed Services Operations Manual — Vol 3 of 4


    Volume 3 is all about Running the Service Department. Here you’ll find SOPs for Managing Technicians, Daily Operations, Service Boards, and Scheduling

  • Sale! Mp Sap Seed Doc 2

    Standards & Procedures Seed Document


    The Standards and Procedures Document contains the core framework that binds all of your company’s key and critical documentation together. As your business grows you need more and more structure in how you collect, manage, and disseminate this information we refer to as our business related documents. There are tools to help with this that bigger companies use that are not commonly known to smaller companies. They are called the Information Management (IM) and Knowledge Management (KM) systems

  • Sale! Green Book 3d Cover

    Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice


    The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice applies some of the most innovative and highly effective Managed Services techniques ever developed, and proven to increase long-term predictable revenue, thereby increasing an IT Organization’s value. Leverage Erick Simpson’s successful Managed Services concepts.

    Format: eBook (PDF)

  • Mp White Documents 2

    The Most Important Documents Every Company Must Have


    Much more than just a handful of important documents that every company must have. It’s also about how to kick-start your company’s knowledge management system and to seed a culture of effective quality communications.

    When Manuel says “knowledge management system”, he means a company-wide standards and procedures guide, documentation of policies, processes, procedures, checklists, forms, and reports. To kick-start this knowledge management system, Manuel has provided a few of the most important document templates you will need, starting with a checklist template that you will use for everything from new client onboarding to new workstations to archiving users and beyond.

  • Mp White Document Any Process 2

    How To Document Any Process


    Sometimes the hardest thing to accomplish is the documentation for the thing you’re building. It’s the bane of your existence if you’re in any field that performs repetitive work of any kind. And if it’s not just the documentation of what you built but also how to use it, well that comes in pretty handy when you want to show someone how to actually use what you built. From a light bulb to an electron microscope, knowing how to build one of these can change a nation overnight. But who has time for that?

    Imagine if you had the most commonly performed processes, no matter how simple, documented in one place. Like the onsite service call process, or maybe the new user onboarding checklist and how to use it. Let’s say we store these in a Standards and Procedures guide or Standard Operating Procedure manual. And what if the SaP or SOP was in a Wiki on SharePoint for everyone to see?

  • Pala Netdoc

    Network Documentation Workbook Ebook

    NOTICE: This book is no longer for sale.

    The Network Documentation Workbook is now 15 years old. I know – we can hardly believe it either. Still, we’ve had to make the tough decision to take it off the shelves and retire it.

    If you just can’t imagine your life without it, it will still be available inside the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community – you can learn more about the community here.

  • Mp White Email 2

    Cleaning Up Your Email


    A Comprehensive Guide to Clearing Out the Junk and Reducing the Size of Your Mailbox. A Series of Proven Processes for Users of Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

    We’ve all seen it (or done it). There are fifty users on the network, and four of them take up 13 GB of space in Exchange while the remaining forty-six take up less than 2 GB combined. There are three things you need to do to fix this situation. The first is education. You need to let the client know how expensive this lack of policies and procedures is for their company.

    After that, you need to clean out the offending mailboxes. And finally, you need to set up processes so that the bloat doesn’t happen again. This white paper was written specifically to address these issues with MSP clients. It has also proven to be a good marketing tool. We offer up the white paper to prospects as a way to demonstrate our seriousness and commitment to providing more than “tech support.”

    Technical professionals will also find great information here, including detailed procedures for cleaning out email boxes and helping clients maintain them going forward.

  • Mpwhite Core Matrix 2

    Core Competency Matrix


    To be successful, you need to have the right people in your company and then you have to play to their strengths. Likewise, you must staff the best talent possible for the core competencies that support what you sell to your clients. These two meet up in the Core Competency Matrix. Here, you can set the expectations of every employee’s growth within their roles while ensuring three-level-deep mastery of the key technologies, tools, and solutions you leverage for your solutions.

    Use the time-proven methods outlined in this whitepaper along with the Core Competency Matrix to map out your current coverage of key competencies and build a plan for propelling the company’s talent to the top along solid, well-planned training paths.

  • Sale! Es 4 Book Bundle

    The “Erick Simpson 4-Book Bundle”


    Erick Simpson’s 4 Book Bundle:

    1. The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice
    2. The Best IT Sales and Marketing BOOK EVER
    3. The Best IT Service Delivery BOOK EVER
    4. The Best NOC BOOK EVER

    Format: eBook (PDF)

  • Sale! Ms Ops V4

    Managed Services Operations Manual — Vol 4 of 4


    Volume 4 is all about Support and Service Delivery. Find SOPs for Client Relationships, Service Delivery, Scheduled Maintenance, and All About Backups

  • Sale! Ms Ops V1

    Managed Services Operations Manual — Vol 1 of 4


    Volume 1 is all about the Front Office. Here you’ll find SOPs for Office Management, Finances, Administration, and Running Your Company More Efficiently

  • Mp Wp Bundle 2

    Manuel’s MSP Success Bundle – 5 White Papers


    To be successful you must have good people and good processes. This bundle of five white papers provides some great “Best Practices” to organize and run you MSP business successfully. Written by a proven successful consultant and coach with more than twenty years of experience designing and implementing process improvements in dozens of businesses.

    Includes the following white papers:
    – Email Cleanup Whitepaper
    – Most Important Documents
    – Core Competency Matrix
    – Working and Tracking Time in Real-Time
    – How to Document Any Process

  • Sale! Mp Sap Gttnl 2

    Combo | SAP Seed Doc and Getting to the Next Level – MP


    – Getting to the Next Level: A Blueprint for Taking You and Your Business to the Top! (Manuel’s latest book)
    – The Standards & Procedures Seed Document

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    The Best I.T. Service Delivery BOOK EVER!


    The Best I.T. Service Delivery BOOK EVER! covers all aspects of delivering profitable I.T. and technical services via 4 service delivery models to end-user clients.

    Format: eBook (PDF)

  • Sale! Blue Book 3d Cover 868x1024 1

    The Best I.T. Sales and Marketing BOOK EVER!


    The Best I.T. Sales and Marketing BOOK EVER! focuses on rapidly growing your MSP practice through effective sales and marketing techniques.

    Format: eBook (PDF)