Adding PDF and ePub documents to your Kindle devices
Updated October 2023.

The Small Biz Thoughts store provides Kindle-friendly documents in PDF, ePub, and .Mobi formats. The preferred format for Kindle going forward is the ePub format, so we’re going to provice that as our default “Kindle” format from now on.

One of the basic features of the Amazon Kindle device is the ability to import files via email. Most people probably see and ignore this ability when they first get their Kindle.

If you need a refresher on the official instructions, visit Here’s my procedure.

First: Find your Kindle device-specific email.

  • Log into your Amazon account
  • Browse to and then > Preferences > Personal Document Settings.
    This is the same as selecting Manage Your Content & Devices > Preferences > Personal Document Settings.
  • If you have more than one device (e.g., you Kindle, your iPad, and your cell phone), pick the one you want to email the document to. Copy that email. You might even add it to your contact list if you plan to email a number of docs to it.

Second: Send the email

Send your file as an attachment to your “Send to Kindle” email address.

Note: I highly recommend that you remove your signature and do not include a subject line. Extraneous things like your company logo can end up on your Kindle as a file document!

Supported file types include .AZW, .BMP, .DOC, .DOCX, .EPUB, .GIF, .HTM, .HTML, .JPEG, .JPG, .MOBI, .PDF, .PNG, .RTF, and .TXT.

You can send up to 25 documents in one email, and they will all show up on your device.

Note: If you send a PDF and wish to convert it to Kindle format, use the subject line “convert” to automatically enable conversion. This will allow you to use variable font sizes and the other Kindle features.

You’ll receive an email from Amazon asking you to verify that you want the file added to your Kindle device. Click to verify and then the file should magically appear. It might take a little while to process, but it’s normally very quick.

Find updated information at and check out the Help Page linked from there.