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    Process Control for the IT Industry


    Process Control for the IT Industry


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    Taking Your Business to Version 3.0 and Beyond


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    Relax Focus Succeed | An Audio Introduction – Free


    A great introduction to the philosophy of Relax Focus Succeed™

    – and how you can make some practical changes in your life. Delivered before a group of I.T. Professionals and focused on the service industry.

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    Process Control for the IT Industry

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    If you think process control has no place in our industry, nothing could be further from the truth, and the presenter clearly details where it does in fact fit. From the ROI of Process Control to getting everyone on board, this presentation lays out the path to success for building a culture of quality refinement in any size company. If you want to have any hope at making order out of chaos in your company, you must start here.

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    Culture and Compass: Cultivate a Successful Environment


    Every company has “some” culture. Manuel talks about creating your culture with intention, from the top down. As Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan have pointed out, “People generally don’t think themselves into a new way of acting. More often, they act into a new way of thinking.”

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    Ten Golden Rules of PSA and Service Ticket Systems Training Webinar -MP

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    Learn how to double your value to clients and your profit with these powerful golden rules of PSA Service Ticket Systems.

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    Five Tools That Could Transform Your Company Overnight


    In this highly focused presentation, Manuel pinpoints five critical areas that, if properly nurtured, can each help transform your company overnight. It starts with finance, because if there is no cash flow, nothing moves. From there, it moves to Communications, People Process, Working in Real-time, and finally, Service Metrics.

    No matter the size of your operation, these tools are universal, and if you do take action, you really can transform your company overnight. As with all of his presentations, you will find Manuel is high energy and passionate about the subject but spot-on with his insights and information.

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    Working and Tracking Time in Real-time Training

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    Tackle the single toughest obstacle to super high profits in your service delivery system with this information-packed training webinar specifically presented for the IT Services industry in mind. Every CRM, PSA, and ticketing system out there wants to supply you with great reports on your billability and efficiency, but not one of them can do it unless everyone is working and tracking time in real-time.

    Tap into the wisdom of the author who has turned service delivery systems around for many companies and who can help you do the same. Even if you are the only one who creates billable time in your company, you likely need some coaching on how to make the transition, and here it is.